After many years of working in design industry I came to conclusion that your website is not what you will always like or have a clear idea how it should look. Your visitors should like it to become your clients and customers.

I can help you look at your website or mobile application with your visitors' eyes.

I had been living in Ukraine, Kharkiv-city for more than 30 years. And after February 24-th I had to leave my city due to military actions. I've lost my home, my job and some of my colleagues. But I consider it not as an end, but as a new beginning for me. I'm open for new ideas, new projects, new opportunities.

Tetiana Cherniavska


Adobe Photoshop

Что я делаю

Landing Page sites,
Multi-page sites,
Online stores.

Mobile applications,
.html+css code
Сoding of sites on HTML, CSS, SASS.
Bootstrap. Simple JS.
Responsive, cross browser.
.DESIGN in tilda
Standard blocks,


Adobe Photoshop


.holiday soon
Web-site of carnival costumes and gifts with your own handsUX/UI design, software - HTML, CSS, JS, PHP.
.radar beacon service
Landing Page for the service of radar beacons for chatbots and mobile applications. UX/UI design, software - Tilda.
.quikin app
The Quikin mobile application collects microservices, in the place where the client is located - in the store, cafe, cinema, dressing room, club, etc.
Mobile app
The Quickin application will collect microservices for you, where you are — in a shop, cafe, cinema, hairdresser, club.
The Quickin mobile app is very easy to use:
  • Subscribe to an on-line service of interest to you.
  • Go to the offline-line point.
  • Get all personalized offers, promotions and microservices in the app.
Developed UX/UI application design — 23 screens.
    .noisecheck app
    Mobile application forf quality control off sound insulation of apartment partitions
    Mobile app
    Noisecheck application for quality control of soundproofing of apartment partitions. App helps to evaluate the quality of sound insulation - considers the sound insulation index Rw, which shows how much the neighbors will be heard. Developed UX/UI app design — 22 screens.
    .the system integrations chatbots with CRM
    Landing Page for the system for integrating mobile applications and chatbots with CRM systems and visitor identification. UX/UI design,software - Tilda.
    .landscape design studio
    Multi-page site of Bulahov Parks landscape design studio. UX/UI design, coding HTML+CSS.
    .sport club
    Landing Page for the sports club Namode Gym. UX/UI design, coding HTML+CSS.
    .presence trigger generation service
    The multi-page web site for the service of generating visitor presence triggers at the point of sale. UX/UI design,software - Tilda.
    .video service
    Website for the training video service. UX/UI design of the main page and interface of a personal account.
    .sports service
    Multi-page service website for owners of sports clubs. UX/UI design of internal pages and redesign of the main page.
    .medical center
    Multipage website of the Center for Alternative Medicine. UX/UI design, coding HTML+CSS.
    .private clinic
    Multi-page website for the private mental health clinic. UX/UI design, coding HTML+CSS.
    .educational institution
    Multi-page web site of the department of the university. UX/UI design, frontend of the main page (HTML+CSS+JS), internal pages software - Tilda
    Multi-page web site on the history of architecture. UX/UI design, frontend (HTML+CSS+JS).
    .pharmacy and phytotherapy
    Multi-page pharmaceutical web site. UX/UI design, frontend (HTML+CSS+JS).
    .buggy rental service
    Landing Page of the buggy rental company. UX/UI design and frontend (HTML + CSS + JS).


    Prices and terms are approximate, depending on volume, complexity of the project, number of edits, urgency and etc.
    From 3 days
    Landing Page
    — one-page site that should motivate the visitor to take a#nbsptargeted action: buy a#nbspproduct or#nbspservice, place an#nbsporder, register, leave contact information, subscribe to#nbspthe newsletter and etc.
    from $300
    From 10 days
    Multipage website
    — a website containing the main and several inner pages, with the same header and footer, united by internal navigation.
    from $400
    From 10 days
    UI/UX interface design
    from $800
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